We have planted about 750 trees on our property, plus many flowers and other plants. We wanted to create a green oasis for our guests. This, our little paradise, is constantly growing. They are flowers that please the eye, attract birds and butterflies and trees that give us additional fruits/nuts. Grapefruit, oranges, limes, bananas, avocados and much more, as well as local fruits that are hardly known in Europe. At the same time, we have planted an estimated 250 moringa trees because they grow quickly but also provide us with leaves for our tea and oil for the skin treatment.

In our vegetable garden grow vegetables such as okra, sweet potatoes, bitter tomatoes or chilies, as well as fennel, spinach, beetroot, chard and other vegetables, all for our kitchen.




The baobab tree is a unique part of African culture. It serves both ritual and medical purposes. The oil from its seeds is used in Africa to treat skin diseases and relieve pain. The fresh leaves are prepared spinach or dried to powder. Baobab leaves contains a lot of vitamin C.

In Europe, baobab oil is used as a cosmetic and with its essential vitamins, omega fatty acids and bioactive antioxidants helps against signs of aging, dry skin and various skin diseases. It is absorbed immediately and makes the skin supple. The oil of “Mama Africa” is cold pressed, pure and not mixed with other oils.



The plant “Moringa Oleifera” is very popular in the Senegambia region. Moringa is rich in: Minerals, antioxidants, proteins and vitamins. What is special about Moringa is the fact that every part of the plant serves to promote health.

The most commonly used components of Moringa are the leaves, which are ground into a nutritious powder when dried. Scientific studies have shown that moringa powder contains seven times as much vitamin C as oranges, four times as much vitamin A as carrots, 36 times as much magnesium as eggs, 25 times as much iron as spinach, 50 times as much vitamin B3 as peanuts and 50 times as much vitamin B.

On the premises of Mama Africa you will find several hundred Moringa trees. We use the leaves for cooking, as delicious herbal tea or as dried powder. The seeds can be eaten – in a small dose – or are pressed in our oil factory, e.g. to eliminate skin problems or to reduce skin aging.

At the same time, we are producing coco, sesame and peanut oils mainly for our kitchen.