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Isha Fofana

“Just like an artistic explosion, Isha Fofana gave vent to all her suppressed thoughts, dreams and feelings for the first time … Behind many of her paintings, there are personal stories and the depiction of a world only little known to most of us. In her paintings, Isha Fofana uses her social and cultural background to express herself artistically. She combines her experience from her childhood in an Islamic society with her ethnical roots in African traditions (masks, myths and figurines are often becoming a subliminal subject matter) and the new artistic freedom gained in the western world. However, Isha Fofana does not mix these contrasts to a pleasing “Ethno-Pop”. The way she is painting and using the canvas is markedly original and peculiar and therefore enormously powerful and contemporary. With her expressive technique, she creates passionate and powerfully contrasting paintings which rise to unexpected sensual pleasures…”
(Dr. Adam Öllers, director of the museums in Aachen/Germany)

Isha Fofana, a renowned artist from TheGambia, has returned home after an almost ten year international career abroad. During her time in Europe she had many exhibitions, amongst them, the UNESCO music awards given to Youssou N ' Dour/Senegal and Oumou Sangaré/Mali. Her gallery in Germany was a cultural centre for people interested in arts and culture from Africa. After an audience at the Vice President of The Gambia, Isha Fofana decided to return home to support her country with her talent and knowledge. Therefore, she founded the non-profit cultural institution called “Mama Africa” and built up the “Mama Africa - women’s museum & art centre” at Batokunku/The Gambia.

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