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Dear Friends of Mama Africa!

Today is good news: We have finally found a new home. It is located in Tanji, a two-story building quite close to the seaside between the fishermen and the Tanji Village Museum. It is a nice place to live, but unfortunately not enough space for our projects or a provisionally museum. All the artifacts, sculptures, etc. have to wait in stores till ...

We haven't heard anything yet from the authorities about a new location for Mama Africa. Following some rumors the new site will be close to our new home here in Tanji ... We try to be patient and we still have hope to re-open in October 2014!

Again we like to say "Thank you very, very much!" to all of you! It was amazing how you have found words of encouragement, gratitude, love ... how people on the ground have helped us to move and to organize our belongings ... or simply cooking for us and our helpers … all the invitations to stay ... and of course the contributions to our solidarity fund! A special Thanks to our Swiss friends, Madeleine and Gabriell, coming immediately after the demolishing to help und to re-organize our school and the consultation! And of course Anne, Louis and Nina, Al, especially Abbie, our students and the football team of Batokunku … we will never forget you support!

Dear Friends of Mama Africa!

This is sad news: The amazing story of Mama Africa has come to a sudden end! Based on a letter from the government our part of the village was declared as a reserved area. End of last week we and our neighbors have got an ultimatum of 48 hours to demolish all our structures. We were still negotiating with the government, but on August, 29th, the authorities have started to knock down our fences and parts of our buildings. We had just one hour to pack all our things including the artworks and cultural artifacts. Thanks to hundreds of helpers appearing from nowhere we could manage to rescue most of our properties.

We like to say "Sorry!" to all our project partners. We will not have the chance to continue with any of our projects because we still don't know where we will stay the next days and what we will do after all these trouble. A big "Thank you!" for the good times and all your efforts! We also have to say "Sorry!" to our other partners and coming guests. We will not be able to accommodate guests at Mama Africa.

At the moment we are very worried, desperate, hopeless and even homeless - our dream of a lifetime is gone and we have nothing left than wonderful memories of a great achievement …

Isha and Bernd

To rebuild "Mama Africa" we will need your support:


name of the bank: Postbank
account no.: 91-126207-1 EUR
IBAN CH44 0900 0000 9112 6207 1
account holder: Gambian and Swiss Friends Association
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